December 2016 — MAY 2017

Stepik Contest
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Subject areas
We welcome any content on software development, computer science and data science. Six specific nominations are:
Data Science
statistics, data processing and visualization, machine learning and artificial intelligence, deep learning
Theoretical Computer Science
algorithms, data structures, type theory, compilers and programming languages theory, complexity theory
Applied Computer Science
databases, networks, security, graphics, parallel and distributed systems, software architecture
same as here →
(and beautiful is better than ugly)
from basic programming to advanced language features and frameworks
← same as there
$10 000
1st place
$5 000
2nd place
$2 000
3 – 5 places
$2 000
6 more prizes for nominations

*Prizes may be subject to local taxes depending of your country of residence

Winners will be chosen by real learners and AI (also real)

Make the history of education

Submit before March 31, 2017