Courses evaluation
We are glad to announce that all courses created by the participants of the Stepik Contest are ready to be presented to everyone.
All the courses can be followed in the adaptive mode. Each student will have an individual learning path and can evaluate each lesson as either too easy or too hard and share their opinion by either liking or disliking the lesson. We will take into account the difference between likes and dislikes and sum them up for 20 best lessons of each author.
Details for participants
1. Despite adding your lessons to the general course, you are still the author of them and you have the access to the course that you submitted. We'll make your submitted course private, please don't make any changes to it for the coming month (till May, 13).

2. You can answer learners' comments and help them to pass your lessons, but please do not give them answers and obvious tips.

3. You can spread the word about the general courses elsewhere and invite your friends, colleagues, learners to try them out and support you.

4. Since we expect a "bona fide" participation in the contest, the likes and dislikes should be made by distinct and real humans.

5. Results will be announced on May, 30. All participants will recevie the information about the winners via e-mails and it will be pupblished on this website.
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