Frequently Asked Questions
How many courses can I create?
You can submit multiple courses as separate applications to the competition. They will be assessed separately.
How to choose a theme?
Your theme should be specific enough to be studied within 30-60 minutes (for students having skills specified in your prerequisites). Select a theme that relates to one of the 6 Contest areas, and find for it QID in
What if I can't find the necessary QID in
Please choose the most appropriate one for your topic
My course should be public or private?
Make your content public, so that you can make sure that your course is completed by at least 3 students before submitting it to the contest.
How and when can I apply for the contest?
Just fill out this form. You can do it as soon as you have the theme of your course and the link to it on Stepik. You may review and edit your course as many times as you wish until March 31.
Why should I divide theory and practical lessons?
It is necessary for your own convenience, since it can help you to keep in mind that each lesson should be independent and that students will not receive your course as as a complete entity.
What can a theory lesson include?
Theory lessons can include any kind of educational content (e.g. text, video, slides). We do not have any special requirements for theory lessons.
Why is it necessary to make each lesson independant?
Each assignment or lecture should be self-sufficient in order for them to be completed without your other lectures or assignments. Each student will have his own learning path based on his performance.
How to reflect the relationship between lessons?
To reflect the relationship between your lessons and the global knowledge graph, you should make sure to specify for each lesson: lesson topics and prerequisites. Learn more:
Should I specify the number of points for each assignment?
Points are not necessary for an adaptive system. You can leave 1 point for each assignment.
I have problems with code and data assignments
If you need help in creation code or data assignments please consult or
How will students evaluate my lessons?
All the lessons submitted to the competition will be presented to the students in an adaptive mode, with each student having an individual learning path. After completing each lesson students will evaluate it as either too easy or too hard and share their opinion by either liking or disliking the lesson. We will take into account the number of likes and the scores calculated by AI opinion, based on the students results.
If you have any questions regarding the Сontest contact us at